Image result for arcana this sounds like us

            Released 12/18/2018                               Released February 2018

Faraway Plants

          Image result for faraway plants ep

             Released 4/12/2019                                      Released June 2017

           Released May 2017

Mucca Pazza

Image result for mucca pazza trick or treat             Image result for mucca pazza barbarous relic

         Released October 2017                                         Released July 2017

J-Livi & The Party

            Image result for j livi and the party come and share my love

           Released March 2019                                       Released July 2016

Corbin Andrick

          Released January 2013

Nootka Sound

Image result for nootka sound a man and his ego evelyn

         Released January 2013

Big Shoulders Brass Band

Image result for big shoulders brass band morseland

                Released 2012

Lowdown Brass Band

Image result for lowdown brass band christmas album

         Released December 2011

JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound

Image result for jc brooks uptown sound want more

                 Released 2011