Groh Studios

Groh Studios LLC is a professional-grade rehearsal and recording space located in Annapolis, MD, founded in 2018.

Through Groh Studios, David Agee offers:

  • Private drumset instruction to students of all ages and talent levels (in-person and remote via Skype)
  • Recording drum tracks remotely and in-person
  • Ensemble coaching
  • Collegiate music program audition prep
  • Music instrument consultation (gear purchases, drum tuning, etc.)
  • Charting music for drummers

Interested in studying with David? Send him a message by filling out this brief form.

Lessons with David —

Weekly lessons with David are structured around achieving attainable short-term goals.

Daily practice sessions are encouraged, but thoughtful, intermittent practice sessions far outweigh the necessity of sitting behind the kit everyday.  David strives to make the atmosphere of the lesson relaxed and fun; he is patient and accommodating for different styles of learners.

Although David is fond of several famous publications such as Stick Control and The Art of Bop, he doesn’t rely on text as the only way to deliver a musical message.  David often references recordings and offers listening assignments to students as a way to connect to the material.  He also implements ear training, transcription, sightreading, and rudimental exercises to assist in each student’s development.

David teaches a wide variety of drumset styles and concepts: Pop, Rock, Funk, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz (big band and small group), Latin/World, New Orleans 2nd line, Jazz Ensemble chart-reading, and Improvisation.  Explore some of David’s recordings and videos.

Videos of lesson reviews with David

*Testimonial from Tom Jackson, member at Altered Stage