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Third Stream.
Second Line.
Third Coast.
Second City.

This Sounds Like Us (Released February 2018)

Faraway Plants

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Uncharted territory. Music from other worlds. Exoticism of the unknown.

EP I + II (Released May + June 2017)

Mucca Pazza

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Trick or Treat (Released October 2017)

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Barbarous Relic (Released July 2017)

Mucca Pazza was born in a steel mill parking lot along the Chicago river. Combining marching band traditions and street theater experience with rock band sensibilities, Mucca Pazza quickly found a home for its 30-odd members in the thriving Chicago underground music scene.

J-Livi & The Party

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J-Livi & The Party is a Chicago-based brass band that focuses on playing nothing but funk and hip-hop. We are heavily influenced by artists who are native to Chicago.

Come and Share My Life (Released July 2016)

Corbin Andrick

Started on the Northside of Chicago in 2010, Corbin Andrick’s sextet has been quietly putting together a vast amount instrumental music featuring Andrick on saxophone, trumpeter Marquis Hill, guitarist Daniel Bruce, pianist Brad MacDonald, bassist/vocalist Katie Ernst, and drummer David Agee.

Accidentally on Purpose (Released January 2013)

Nootka Sound

Nootka Sound is an Indie Jazz/Pop band from Chicago, Illinois.  The tunes are composed and arranged by John Cicora with additions and often corrections by the musicians.

A Man and His Ego / Evelyn (Released January 2013)

Big Shoulders Brass Band

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A big, tight, fun horn band specializing in New Orleans and Mardi Gras party music and general over-the-top fun. The Big Shoulders Brass Band plays everything from traditional Dixieland to James Brown funky grooves, and anything in between.

Live at Morseland (Released 2012)

Lowdown Brass Band

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The Lowdown Brass Band (LDB) breaks the barrier between audience and performer with their live show, which features dynamic vocalists, hip-hop MCs, and body movement that gets any wallflower up and on their feet.

It’s A Lowdown Christmas (Released December 2011)

JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound

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With a sound that calls to mind a meeting of Otis Redding and the Stooges—JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound get crowds twisting and writhing on the floor–a post-punk reimagining of JB’s moves and MG’s grooves.

Want More (Released 2011)